Welcome to my personal homepage.

Downward understanding

It's a pleasure to meet you here

Here's my little Tech Show

Any software is just a tool, it can be called works of art, do everything carefully, you can have a rich life.

Web website front end

Familiar with Dreamweaver, notepad++, tools, website front end, design and so on

Cloud life

Familiar with the configuration server, website building test, independent personal blog and web page, has a lot of small programs of human nature

Picture design

Familiar with the use of Photoshop, AI and other software processing image design, image, etc.. Poster banner website preview map design.

My independent personal blog

To record my little bit of life, you can see your growth in the future, of course, will update their own learning technology, welcome to visit

My little buddy

Life on the road met a lot of problems, behind slow progress, but you have a group of good partners can learn together. (sequence not)

xiao ke

Stationmaster himself

Do not have any soft underbelly of people, after all, in love and career, no one wants to see their failure.

Beautiful Mo Qian

Stationmaster old man

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.


The good man of the stationmaster

I believe that the dream can reach where, one day, footsteps can also arrive.

Fly not to disturb

Old friend of the stationmaster

A sudden snow has buried me in your world.

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